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Universal monsters retro mummy figure
Universal monsters retro mummy figure


Michael Jackson Thriller Werewolf Costume
Michael Jackson Thriller Werewolf Costume


Freddy Krueger retro figure
Freddy Krueger retro figure


Jason Voorhees retro figure
Jason Voorhees retro figure


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From John Carpenter came the original "slasher" movie: Halloween (1878). It introduced the character of pure evil Michael Myers who after escaping from a mental asylum came home to stalk jamie lee curtis on halloween. We currently stock Michael Myers T shirts one has the movie poster design on the front. The other one has Michael Myers emotionless face. This T shirt also has a back design the same as the first t shirt- the poster for the halloween movie. we also have the poster from the movie and Michael Myers modelled brilliantly as a Headknocker. The Michael myers textile poster is excellent as a flag or scarf aswell as just a poster
nightmare on elm street
Nightmare on elm street

Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on elm street films by Wes Craven, is one of the most Original and terrifying Horror characters ever to be on the screen. The supernatural terror that invades peoples dreams and stalks them while they sleep is featured in lots of our merchandise available to you . We currently have freddy t shirts from a nightmare on elm street(1984) the original movie in the series, and part 3 dream worriors. Both include the artwork from the original posters. We also have a selection of t shirts and posters from freddy vs jason (2003). We have the freddy headknocker and jason Headknocker which are from the movie freddy vs jason and are excellently modelled on the 2 horror characters. check out the textile posters of freddy krueger and freddy vs jason, they are excellent as posters or can be used as a scarf or flag. The freddy snow globe by NECA is a brilliant decoration. The freddy sweater is ideal for a halloween party.

From creator Clive Barker came Hellraiser and its star Pinhead the leader of the cenobites. We currently stock a selection of hellraiser and Pinhead t shirts and figures. We have hellraiser action figures of pinhead and the chatterer by NECA and also pinhead as a headknocker. Also by NECA is the hugh and very detailed 18 inch pinhead figure with sound.
friday 13th
Friday 13th

Jason Voorhees, the tormented child, who drowned at camp crystal lake, comes back to stalk the new campers, aswell as anyone else, in the friday the 13th movies. We stock a selection of t shirts featuring Jason Voorhees. These include 2 freddy vs Jason t shirts from the 2003 film, friday 13th camp crystal lake t shirt designed to look like a staff members and the design from friday the 13th part 4 - the final chapter. We also stock Jason Voorhees as a headknocker by NECA. NECA also produced the Snow globe which sees jason overlooking a victim at camp crystal lake - an excellent decoration for horror fans. There is also the poster for friday the 13th part 4: the final chapter. this also features on one of the t shirts. We have a bargain Jason hockey mask ideal for halloween, which glows in the dark.Also from the film jason X We have a full latex mask. We also stock in the Cinema of fear range screen grabs, one of which includes a scene from camp crystal lake. Also in the line is a Jason Voorhees plush doll.
v for vendetta
V for Vendetta

Based on Alan Moore's graphic novel, V for Vendetta is set where the government have complete control over the population, banning certain books , music etc. A mysterious freedom fighter known as V who wears a mask and costume based on Guy fawkes uses terrorist actions to try to bring down the government and restore freedom. "Always remember the 5th of November"
texas chainsaw massacre
Texas chainsaw massacre

The Texas Chainsaw massacre made in 1973 and released a year later introduced Leatherface one of cinemas greates villians. Leatherface the crazed chainsaw weilding madman wears a mask of human skin made from his victims. There have been many sequels to a Texas chainsaw massacre and a remake in 2003 and a prequel to that movie also: Texas chainsaw massacre the begining. At the hauntedshop we stock a large selection of leatherface items including leatherface figures from cult classics series by NECA and cinema of fear by Mezco. Also in the same series the leatherface plush doll. The leatherface latex mask we stock is an excellent and rare item which is no longer in available elsewhere to our knowledge.

John Kramer AKA the JIGSAW killer, forces his victims so harm themselves to save themselves. Together with his puppet Billy, He has been the evil tormentor in four Saw films.

Frankensteins Monster is one of the most famous monsters from horror. The book by Mary Shelley is a masterpiece so are the movies from the days when he was portrayed by Boris Karloff in the classic universal monster movies.We have many Frankenstein items. We have a Frankenstein headknocker by NECA Frankenstein hammer horror t shirts and other merchandise.

Count Dracula, the prince of darkness, the most famous vampire, from the novel by Bram Stoker. If your a fan of bela lugosi in the classic universal monster films or of christopher lee as the count in the films by hammer horror, or just a fan of the book, we have lots of dracula items. We have the officially liscensed hammer horror dracula t shirts and a Dracula headknocker by NECA
Stephen King
Stephen King

We stock a selection of items based on books by Stephen King the master of modern horror.
Werewolf & Wolfman

Werewolves and wolfmen are one of the oldest recorded monsters in history. They have been recorded in literature for hundreds of years. We stock a selection of werewolf t shirts and items from the universal monsters range.

Brandon lee became the superhernatural vigilante in the film the crow (1994). We have The Crow headknocker by NECA, the Crow t shirts and movie poster
star wars
Star Wars

New at the Hauntedshop- STAR WARS helmets and merchandise. For fans of the most successful Sci Fi movie series of all time, we now have in stock STAR WARS collectors helmets by rubies. Below are the helmets we stock including Darth vader, Bobba fett, Jango fett, clone trooper, storm trooper, scout trooper and C3PO. To see more detailed pictures of the helmets and description click on the image. There are also a few economy and fancy dress helmets for collectors with a limited budget. We also have in stock hillarious Star wars bobbleheads, which go perfectly with the NECA headknockers we stock.

From the planet cybertron came the transformers, the good autobots and the evil decepticons. We have headknockers of the leaders OPtimus Prime and Megatron and also Transformers T shirts

The Hauntedshop also stocks items from the classic 80's tv cartoon the Thundercats.
edgar allan poe
Edgar Allan Poe

Best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story and is considered the inventor of the detective-fiction genre. He is further credited with contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction.
H P Lovecraft

Lovecraft's major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror; the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien. Those who genuinely reason, like his protagonists, gamble with sanity. Lovecraft has developed a cult following for his Cthulhu Mythos, a series of loosely interconnected fiction featuring a pantheon of human-nullifying entities, as well as the Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire of magical rites and forbidden lore.

Now a movie but originally a comic series by Alan Moore, the watchmen is regarded as one of the best graphic novels ever written. Watchmen was the only graphic novel to appear on Time's 2005 list of "the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present".It also changed the way graphic novels were thought of. Watchmen is basically a book about what it would really be like for superheroes to exist. It follows a group of superheroes through many years by flashbacks after one of them is found dead, The comedian, and another rorschach attempts to solve the crime. From there it delves into the polotics of a superhuman and the motivations behind each character. We stock a wide selection of watchmen items from the new movie to items based on the comic version. We stock figures, merchandise, toys and the graphic novel by Alan Moore.

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